We are an official and authorized installation site for the Draeger Interlock XT, which is a breath alcohol measuring instrument that can prevent a vehicle from being started if the driver's breath alcohol concentration is above a pre-set limit. The interlock provides a safe solution for monitored driving programs, companies and individuals.

Reliability is very important for a device that has the capability to disable your vehicle's ignition. Draeger has manufactured alcohol detection equipment for over half of a century: as a result, the alcohol detection devices are highly reliable and accurate. The Draeger INTERLOCK® XT features state-of-the-art sensor technology, and ensures accuracy even at high alcohol concentrations.

At Draeger Interlock of Oklahoma, we have 8 locations where we are authorized to install, test and maintain these devices.

Our Locations
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2012 South Main St Stillwater, OK 405-624-0044